Who We Are And How We Believe


At Rocky Hill Congregational Church, we are an Open and Affirming community of faith.  We believe that whoever you are and wherever you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.  Below you will find some FAQ that will help you get to know us a little better…  


Q.  Who is welcome?

A.  Everyone. Yes, everyone: young, old, married, single, struggling, thriving, gay, straight, people with any religious background, doubting, trusting, families with young children, those of long life – yes, everyone.

Q.  What is our Christian faith like?

A.  Generous. Open. Connected to the history of the church, and relevant for today. Slow (who needs more speed in their lives today?). We believe that God delights in humanity and in each of us individually. We believe that Jesus of Nazareth made it possible for us to recognize and receive the wonderful grace of God. We are open to science. We don’t think people of other faiths are going to hell. We don’t think God punishes people (although God often does let us suffer the consequences of our own actions, right?). We don’t think anyone’s past has to determine what their future will be – God transforms!

Q.  What is worship like here?

A.  We have one Sunday worship service on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m. We sing, pray, learn from the Bible, receive forgiveness and share forgiveness with each other, we offer our lives to God so that God can use us to do God’s wonderful work in the world.

Q.  What is our music like?

A.  We are blessed at RHCC to be a community of many various musical talents.  From the adult choir, to the orchestra, to the bell choir and praise band, we find an abundance of music in our sanctuary and in our time together.  

Q.  Are children welcome in worship?

A.  Children are always welcome in worship.  It is okay if they move around and make a little noise, they are learning to know Christ too.  During the school year, our children leave after the first part of service and a “Message For All Ages” to attend church school where again, all children are welcome, even if you are just visiting.  

Q.  What else is happening for children at Rocky Hill Congregational Church, UCC?

A.  We have Church School for children of all ages. Church School helps kids grow in faith and knowledge. Kids participate in worship at the beginning of the service with their families and the whole congregation, and then leave for Church School after a “Message For All Ages”. We also have an active youth group and make opportunities for kids to get involved participating in worship and serving others on a regular basis.

Q.  What do people wear on Sunday?

A.  People wear a wide variety of clothes, from jeans to suits, pants to dresses. Whatever you are comfortable in, it doesn’t much matter to us, or to God.

Q.  Where is our church building?

A.  805 Old Main Street, Rocky Hill CT, 06067.  We are at the corner of Old Main Street and the Silas Dean Highway, right down the street from the Ferry dock.  Here is a link to the map of the area.  

Q.  Where can you park?

A.  There are a few different options for parking.  We have several parking spots around the building itself, a few handicapped and limited mobility spots immediately behind the building, and a small lot that is to the left of the building by the front door.  We are also able to use the parking lot behind the church that is utilized during business hours by the Rocky Hill Town Hall.

Q.  What can you expect when you walk in the door?

A.  There will likely be someone there to greet you and answer any immediate questions you have. If you want to keep a low profile, just head on in to the sanctuary, where an usher will welcome you and give you a bulletin that will contain the order of worship for the day – a printed sheet that tells you what is coming up, and gives you the words to prayers and things, so you can actively participate in the service. You can sit anywhere you are comfortable, including the pews in the balcony.  

Q.  What can you expect when the worship service begins?

A. Folks tend to greet each other before the service, so there is a good deal of noise and activity. Then one of the pastors will welcome people and encourage a time of quiet preparation for worship. We see this as a transition time, a time to pause and do our best to open ourselves to the presence of God, and to move into a spirit of worship and prayer.

Q.  What else will happen in worship?

A.  Well, worship is all about conveying to God our amazement and gratitude for God’s steadfast love, and reveling in our connection to our gracious God. Therefore, we sing and pray and welcome the good news of Gods. Worship is also about allowing ourselves to be formed into the people God would have us be (the greatest form of praise), so we learn from the Bible, and through a sermon we explore faith that matters today. If you don’t quite follow what is happening, no worries. We were all there at some point. Feel free to ask questions, “fake it ‘til you make it,” or just shake your head in wonder.

Q.  What will happen after worship?

A. Many people gather for coffee and a time of fellowship and conversation in our church hall on the basement level called Chapin Hall. We would invite you to join us, ask questions, or just say hello and have some cookies.

Q.  What is the procedure for becoming an official member of the church?

A.  You are welcome to participate in the full life of the congregation before becoming an official member.  Becoming a church member is meaningful in many ways.  First, you make a public commitment that you will live your life for Christ, relying on the grace of God.  Second, you commit yourself to this particular gathering of God’s people, and to supporting, with prayer, action, and your resources, the ministry and mission we do together.  Third (and most radically in the context of modern American society), you agree to open your life and faith to others – you acknowledge that God works in us, in significant part, through our relationships with fellow followers of Christ.  In short, you need others to live this faith, and they need you.

More practically, we have “new members’ classes” about three times a year.  They are usually two sessions of about 1 1/2 hours, with the particular dates and times announced in church communications.  If you are interested in becoming a member, feel free to talk with either of our pastors that you see in worship, or contact our office directly.

Q.  Other questions?

A.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to call or email us, our contact info can be found HERE.  



Rocky Hill Congregational Church, UCC